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Creative Genius

Virginia Tech professors reveal secrets for nurturing their students’ imagination and ingenuity. by Ivica Ico Bukvic, Benjamin Jantzen, Marian Mollin, Cara Rawlings, Matthew Vollmer, and Ariana Wyatt

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The Innovation Imperative

Innovation is more than synonymous with creative technologies and artistic imagination; it is also a national necessity. by Matthew Wisnioski

Virginia Tech students on the Appalachian Trail

Living the Dream

The best inspiration for students hoping for creative careers? Alumni who are walking the walk. by Paula Byron

The Alchemy of Creative Risk

A celebrated tech leader lauds the roles of art and risk in innovation. by Michael Stowe


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The Giving Spirit

An entrepreneur takes his university’s service ideals to the streets of Los Angeles to comfort the homeless. by Paula Byron

Drawing the Line

How can you quash school bullying? Engage witnesses as peacekeeping forces—with a little help from the Cartoon Network. by Paula Byron

Virginia Tech students on the Appalachian Trail

Why We’re Here

As she looks to her future, a newly admitted student reflects on her family’s past. by Sarah Benson